25 February 2010

WInter Pants Range

Ok, so after a few attempts at getting the pants looking super cute, I have decided on a look that I like and will make in a few sizes and also for both genders.

The pants will have cuffs and pockets and will be available in sizes 6 months to 4 years.

I will also make some size 6 months with the knee patches as I think it will protect soft little knees during the crawling stage.

Eva has been out and about with the knee patch version and has been getting lots of comments about how cute and original they are, so I'm pretty pleased that they stand out enough to be noticed.

Thanks for the comments and feedback on this project girls! Hard to get unbiased feedback from the kids!


  1. Yes I agree, these ones the nicest!

  2. I agree. Absolutely my favorites!


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