23 February 2010

Paddington Bear Pants revisited

Hello again, day two of the quest for the perfect winter pants design.

Here are two more versions of the pants using a lovely corduroy fabric, it's a deep purple and makes a strong contrast to the Paddington Bear fabric.

The second version I made with a strip down the side as well as patches on the front.

I like both versions, and Eva looks really good with the ones she is modelling for, but I think I prefer the stripes down the side.

I've got some white chenille coming in the post, so when that comes in, I'll make a version with that, and use a contrasting colour for the applique to make the patch stand out.

Still not finished, but a lot closer to being happy with the design.

Maybe the next one will be the pants with large cuffs using the PB fabric, rather than as a knee patch.


  1. I like the stripes too. Stripes without patches could look good, but I guess you'd lose the fact the fabric features Paddington. The cuffs sound like a great idea!

  2. I like the one with the stripes down the side. what about cuffs and pockets with paddington on them ...


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