30 May 2010

Lentil Rolls - the vegetarian version of a sausage roll

In a bid to get my kids to eat more vegies, and vegetarian foods, I made some Lentil Rolls that are a mock sausage roll. I took inspiration from the lovely Cathie who is a vegan herself, and who's children are vegetarian. 

I went to her house last month and was treated to a number of lovely yummies, one of those being a vegan "sausage" roll. She had used beans, substituted grated zucchini for eggs and used sweet chilli sauce to give a little zing. The final touch was using puff pastry from aldi which is vegan friendly.

So here is my version of the roll, which incorporated things that I had in the cupboard and fridge, and that can be changed as you need to. 

The quantities are fluid, and you will need to adjust according to your ingredients.

Vegetarian Rolls

I cup of lentils, soaked for 20 minutes in water and then cooked in new water for about 20 - 30 minutes (until they are just soft)

1/2 cup red quinoa (or white quinoa or substitute with brown bulger or barley)
cook this with the lentils for about 20 minutes - I threw mine in after the lentils were cooking for about 10 minutes

6 medium sized mushrooms, blended to a fine paste

1 carrot chopped into little cubes and cooked in butter until they are just soft
  (I can imagine sweet potato would be fantastic also)

sauce for extra taste - about 3 tablespoons - I used tomato sauce and a little bit of oyster sauce, but you can use anything that you want. Sweet chilli is really lovely.

bread crumbs, to bind and make the mixture dry

cut a sheet of puff pastry in half, and put the mixture along the length of it. 
Roll the pastry so that the long edges are overlapping about 1 cm.
Cut into bite sized segments
Place on baking paper and brush with olive oil.

I grated some mizithra over them to add texture and flavour and then cooked till golden brown in an oven set to 150 celcius

* please let me know if I've left anything out or something doesn't make sense

Hope you like it as much as my kids did! 
They ate them all up and wanted more :) 

27 May 2010

My Creative Space 27 May 2010

This  morning my craft nook is covered with bits and pieces for an order for Christina (an old High school friend)

We found each other through facebook! 
It's amazing how many people I have found after years of no contact, and now am able to deep up to date with what is happening in their lives, and get to know them again.

So today I am making two skirts - one for her daughter and one for mine, and as they happen to be the same age, it makes it easier for me to double up on tasks, and keep two little cherubs happy.

I hope to have them finished by this afternoon.

Don't forget to check out these creative spaces for some inspiration....


22 May 2010

My life in pictures

this week my life has been a little mad... 
so instead of telling you, here are the highlights.

Presents, cakes and more skirt orders

I was having deja vu with these two skirts!

13 May 2010

My Creative Space 13 May 2010

My Creative Space this Thursday is one of finishing orders and starting new ones.

I am on the last little bits of the wrap skirt order for Kylie, and I hope to be able to send them off to her tomorrow! I hope she loves them :)

Next project will be a wrap skirt for Michelle of Stomper Room

The Great Apron Swap 2010

This morning the postman came with a package, and I knew immediately that there would be an apron in it - thanks to Bianca, my apron swap partner.

It is GORGEOUS and it is two aprons in one! 

The edges are so pretty and scalloped all the way around, the fabric choice is great - I really love the colours and patterns, there is a pocket on both sides and it fits like a dream... It is not something that I would be able to make myself, the scalloped edges would be the end of me I think.

Have I mentioned I sooooooo love it!!!

Now that I have my 50's inspired apron, I have to go and bake something that is sweet and high in calories while I wear a skirt and high heels. I can't wait!

Many thanks to Sarah of Red Gingham for organising this fantastic swap. It was right down my alley! 

Bianca from BusyBsewBiz thanks again for the inspirational, functional and wonderful apron. You have made my day, and I will send you a pic of me wearing it whilst baking!

06 May 2010

Aprons and skirts

This week has been a busy week for Little Cooties, as I have been concentrating on Lady Cooties clothes.

Two wrap skirts, a brown circle skirt for my mother as a present for mothers day, and a bright apron have kept me busy and sewing, cutting, measuring, ironing and generally hoping not to make any  mistakes.....

I am happy to report that I became part of the Great 2010 Apron Swap!! YAY Someone pulled out which meant that I was able to join and have a partner to make and send a lovely apron to. My partner is Bianca from BusyBsewBiz, we have spoken about what we like and I was pointed to a GREAT website for vintage patterns which I have been drooling at for a while.... So I have spent a part of the week on this project and have loved the process and am also nervous about whether it will be a) loved and b) worn. 
here is a sneak peak.... 

I have also been busily making two skirts based on the wrap skirt I made last week. I love the fabrics my client has chosen, and I can't wait to finish them and send them off. 

I have nearly finished the pop art skirt, which is longer on the denim side than the fingers side. And hope to finish the second one by mid next week.

01 May 2010

skirts for adult girls

Little Cooties has been mostly a kids wear brand, but with markets and online sales being a bit slow, I have stopped making kids clothes for a few weeks, and have started to concentrate on making things for myself, and presents for other people.

I have needed a pick me up after recent nose surgery, and found it in the form of... ahem.... online shopping inspired by the Black Market.... 

but more importantly, I have also been inspired to make a skirt for myself after seeing one of the nurses wearing a similar style (no pleats) during the surgery.

I'm really happy with the result, and have received a lot of feedback from lovely ladies, and also an order or two!

If you decide you would love to have one, please let me know.

So here are the pics that depict the creation of the wrap skirt with pleats... I will definitely make a summer version using the white and red fabrics, but for winter, have decided to use heavier fabric of sparkly black denim

so creative!