29 June 2010

Things I love today

My son wrote his first letter today, to his dad.

It was prompted by some alone time with me, and I wanted to see whether he was ready to do writing and simple words.

(love the little tongue poking out while he writes!)

What started as writing his name turned into his first written message and letter to his father.

I'm so proud of my first born who will be starting school next year ....

28 June 2010

Just Scrounging around

Have you ever been to Scrounge on High St - Nothcote?

I did, today. I was hunting something very specific, and I found it! Much to my delight

He's an unhappy white guy with a blue hat and a willy.

Ok, so that's not what I was looking for, but I'm so glad to have found him, even if he's not too happy to be found in his birthday suit....

But he makes the BEST lamp!!

and he is proudly standing watch over my children as they sleep

25 June 2010

Taking a walk through the 50's

Last night, I was looking through Google images for some beautiful pictures of dresses.

I don't know why really, as I might wear a dress once a year, but I really do love looking at them, and I can imagine myself in them in my fantasy life (in reality it's mostly jeans and a t-shirt!)

So here are a few beautiful pictures that sent me to bed with a smile on  my face, and the creative juices topped up.

In keeping with the interest in the 50's that is slowly developing and growing, I looked predominantly at 50's women.

They mostly seemed to be grouped into housewife, starlet and pin up.

I would love to dress up like this for a dinner party!

This one is my favourite!

20 June 2010

Thread Den Market - June 27 2010

Next Weekend Little Cooties will be at the Thread Den Market.

There will be a few ladies skirts available to buy or view or try on.

I hope to see you there!

Here are the details

17 June 2010

Splutter, cough and brrrrr

I'm feeling a bit splat and bleagh...

I'm at home rugged up but still cold....

I've got a warm cup of tea a good book and an old jumper....

So, I decided to felt the jumper and make some wrist warmers, to keep me warm when I pick the kids up from care

I got some GREAT tips from laughing purple goldfish designs here and went about punishing my jumper with the required abandon and ferocity, then chucked it into the dryer on HOT

I decorated the wrist warmers with spring in mind, so they remind me that the sun will come back. 

Am feeling better now, cosy, warm arms and wrists, and can get back to that book....

10 June 2010

Satin Wrap skirt

I've made a satin wrap skirt today, it's a size 10 and short, for all those ladies with sexy legs!

Unfortunately, I can't show you how it looks on, as my body hasn't seen size 10 in a while.... but here are some close ups and when I get my new purchase (see below) tonight, she'll be able to model it.

Now I have to think of a name for her. She will help me immensely and I hope not to have to take off my clothes every time I want to see how something looks on me

03 June 2010

New Skirt with zip

I've finished the prototype of the wrap style skirt with zip.

I included an invisible zip and the elements of the ruffled contrasting colour cotton with denim. 

I've used some vintage cotton that reminds me of an apron in this instance.

What do you think? How does it compare with the wrap skirt for you?

My Creative Space 3 June 2010

it's here and today there is a thick mist covering Melbourne suburbs. 
Great for the kids, kept us talking about it all the way to kinder this morning.

Today my creative space will be filled with bits and pieces as I try to finish off a prototype of a skirt that is based on the wrap skirt, but will have a zip on the side. 
I hope it turns out well, but if not, I will modify to suit and take off the fabric on the side.

Yesterday I made a pillow for Eva and a pillow case for Lucho using fabric I bought at the Stitches and Craft Show. 

The beautiful Little Red Riding Hood image comes from The Red Thread and I backed it with a strawberry pattern cotton. The fantastic boys fabric I bought from Earthgirl Fabrics, and made the pillowcase small to fit his favourite pillow.

Here are my little cherubs enjoying the gifts mummy made them :)

For more creatives take a peek over here

so creative!