24 March 2010

I lost the battle, but I will win the war!

I have completely lost the battle this week,  
but I will win the war with the junk that always seems to end up in my craft area and table! 

I'm sure there is a magnet that I can't
quite see, but bits and pieces that
have nothing to do with making
and crafting always seem to drift
to that corner of the room, and amble
their way onto the work bench...

my creative space has been invaded!

The task for this afternoon, is to clear
a path, pack all away, throw the
non essentials into a bin,
and get some patterns out...

Wish me luck!!

15 March 2010

ooohhhh look what the postman brought........

a while back I entered a giveaway at Cafe Handmade and tweeted about it and took a look around the site. There are some great artists selling gorgeous products.
The wonderful news that I had won had me really excited as I was going to receive a handmade Mobile Phone Wallet by Kerri Ann (the crafter, not the TV presenter!)
And today, Mr Postman left this....

As you can see, I my phone and cards fit nicely and are looking forward to their first outing!

Thank you Kerri Ann for the giveaway and thank you Kerri Testa founder of Cafe Handmade for arranging it and sending the wallet so quickly.
am loving it!

07 March 2010

Envelope tops and shorts

This week has been quite eventful, I've been very busy making baby sets - most of the week was spent on the envelope tops, and then this coming week will be the shorts, so that by the time Saturday comes, I will have a large selection of size 6 months and 2 year baby sets.
The size two's were meant to be size ones, but they fit Eva who is 2 and a half... so there you go!

03 March 2010

Little Cooties on Made it

Hello! hope you are all well and having a great day.

It's a beautiful Autumn day here in Melbourne, a gorgeous 28 degrees, and the sun is shining.

I'm going to make the most of this sunshine and head off to the park for a while.

Little Cooties has some Baby Sets available on Made it!

Take a look, there will be more available in the coming days, with black stripey sets and red elephants too!

If you would like to order one, contact me directly :)


Come and say HELLO at the Northside Makers Market on Saturday 13th March and you can touch and feel them.

so creative!