22 February 2010

Paddington Bear pants

Here is the first attempt of the Paddington bear pants.

I'm not sold on them, but Eva loves them, and didn't want to take them off after the photo shoot!

Next I will make some with square patches on the knees and see how they look.

I wanted to make the patches more organic looking, but I don't think it works... what do you think?

Tomorrow, I'll post up the new version.....


  1. The patches would look good on maybe cotton fabric instead. Maybe a natural colour like mushroom.

  2. I think that she loves them because of the texture, Tori is like that. I'd love to see them with square patches, perhaps with a border so that they "pop" a bit more. The pastel print doesn't jump out as much as it should.

  3. It's tough trying to cut around patterned fabric in an 'organic' way. I've tried it when appliqueing clothes for Jack and it often just looks wonky. Perhaps symmetrical is the way to go. Look forward to seeing tomorrow's version!

  4. thanks for the feedback! I have taken the comments on board, and come back with two new versions... take a look :)


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