05 November 2011

Today is hot and the sun seems to burn within minutes. So of course, I'm making snowflakes.

We have spent the morning out and about, a little bit of gardening, a little bit of sport and 4 new gold fish, but this afternoon we are hiding indoors.

Craft is the order of the day it seems.

George and the kids are making images with small beads that get ironed once finished. The children are quiet, engrossed and happy to be next to dad (who finds that his fingers are too large for this delicate work!)

I've made some more snowflakes using the Crayola Model Magic recommended, and although I like it, it seems a little fragile for my liking, I love how it is rounded and soft.

I prefer the silver glitter, but as it's for Christmas, thought these might also be popular.

Hope you are having a lovely day in or out of the sun :)

so creative!