22 December 2009

Visit to Rose Street Market inspires creative frenzy

Last week I sent in an online application for a stall at the  Rose Street Market in Fitzroy and to my pleasure I was accepted! YAY! I will be there once a month Jan - April.

So I went with the family to take a look, as it had been years since I had gone. It has changed a bit, there are more stall holders and it looks like a very lively and well patroned market. There was a variety of stall holders, with many varied beautiful products.

My favourites were Angus&Celeste with beautiful fine porcelain jewellery and homewares. I loved their bracelets! Gorgeous!

Kerry Scheen's hand painted ceramic objects also caught my eye for the beautiful paintings of children on her pieces. Made me wonder if I could commission something with my two little ones on a pendant.

When I got back home I was completely overwhelmed with the size of the stalls and the professional displays and quality of the products.

I wondered how I was going to fare alongside these people. It sent me into a whirlwind of activity and 3 days later, I have made six dresses and created nine Kiki dolls, although some of them are a bit surprised to be here judging by their expressions...

I will also have my DH very busy making new wooden clothes racks to better display my clothes. Will post a piccie of those when they are born.

09 December 2009

Love chunks at Christmas

Today I spent most of the day in the kitchen, after having gone shopping for supplies with Eva.
I wanted to say thank you to the carers in my children's lives and what better way than to give them home made sweeties. I got the idea to make bite size Christmas cakes from Kim a friend from mothers group - it's such a simple recipe and so appealing to the eye. It took no time at all to create them.

Just add orange juice to an existing fruit cake -
I used an apricot fruit cake.
Add enought to make slightly moist
and roll into balls.
I used the tiny patty pans,
then decorated with white chocolate
and sprinkles.

Then to the task of making honey comb for the fourth time!
and I finally got it right, after reading loads of recipes and methods, and after making a couple of toffee
like batches, hit the jackpot with this batch.
Coated in dark cholocate,
they have become little love chunks.

Melt in the mouth and impossible to resist (which is why they are out of reach at the moment!)

Finished product! Viola!

07 December 2009

Christmas and Honeycomb

Christmas is just around the corner and I have been busily finishing up orders. I have made some great red tops, that match the fiesta skirt perfectly.

After taking Eva shopping for fabric, she chose a pink giraffe jersey fabric which I made a shirred dress out of, she loves it!

I'm about to start making biscuits to give to the carers in my children's lives and came across the fetes and festivals website with yummy recipes. I think I might try the honey comb! YUM

21 November 2009

Northside Makets Market Next Week!

I have been getting baby sets ready - tank tops and shorts, and they look so cute, I wish Eva was still small enough to wear them! They are for 12 - 18 months, and if I have time, I will make some in size 9 months.

I so loved the look of the white tank top, that I decided to make myself a top and it looks great. Light and flowing. Perfect for these hot days :)

Next week is the second Northside Makers Market held at Northcote Uniting Church. 251 High Street, Northcote.
Pick up great Chrissy pressies and finish your shopping early!

12 November 2009

Marvel Pants and Shorts

I went shopping with my ankle biters and found myself in Spotlight - as you do - and my eldest pointed excitedly to a fabric that I had passed by and asked it I could by it and make him some pants. With such enthusiasm, how could I refuse, and when the fabric turned out to be Marvel superhero design, well, that was even better! Last time one of my children asked me to buy some fabric, it was a cream fabric with pink giraffe's on it. Really not a pretty one, but she's really happy with the dress I made for her...

Anyway, I made the superhero pants for my little super boy and he's been wearing them with joy and proudly showing them off to anyone who notices.

So we went to the family do, and my cousins daughter who is 11 asked to get some shorts made from the same fabric, and here is the result. Now to see if they fit.....

On another note, The Thornbury Women's Market is on in December, so take a look at the link :)

27 October 2009

Summer dresses and boys sets

I've spent most of these last few weeks sewing more dresses to make up for the stock I sold at the fantastic Northside Makers Market, and have made some super cute summer dresses using fresh lightweight fabric.


I have also been commissioned to make a boys set from an auntie, and am really happy with the results, so will be making more of those for the next market on the 28th November in Northcote.
This set is a size one, but will have sizes from 00 - 1 at the market, and will also be making some for the lady babies too.


Margaret from Konstant Kaos was a stall holder at a Goth Market in Northcote- the Black Market and asked if I wanted to have some of my vamps and cats at her stall, which was so generous of her. To my surprise, she sold 5 of them and made Little Cooties some happy dosh :) so a big THANK YOU MARGARET from the bottom of my heart for donating your space and time for me.

thanks for coming :)

27 September 2009

To Market, to market....

Two weeks to go until the next market!
I've been busily making softies of all shapes and sizes, all cute and cuddly.
I hope that they go to lovely homes and are fed well.

The next market will be
Saturday October 10th, 10.30 - 3.30pm
Northside Makers Market
held at Northcote Uniting Church
251 high Street

I hope to see you there!

08 September 2009

New members of the softie family are born today... nameless at the moment tho...

Went a little mad this afternoon, and after mothers group, decided to make some softies. LOTS of them, and I love them all so much, each of them has it's own personality and now I just need to think up appropriate names for them.

07 September 2009

After the market - Made n Thornbury

So i went to market, last Saturday, first ever market actually. As Jorge said, I was a market virgin, but no longer... along with Beky from www.pivx.blogspot.com we have now been initiated into the world of craft markets
Will talk more about it later, but for now, the result of the market is that I have started to make some more toys, as my vampire dolls were quite popular. so I have made some black cat prototypes and have posted them here for viewing.
am refining the details, but am happy with the results thus far...

and then some more softies with attitude in baby blue...

22 August 2009

Days are getting longer...it's time for the summer range to come out

Hi! The days in Melbourne are getting longer and the weather warmer, the sun is shining more and more. Although we are still in the grip of winter, I couldn't help but be inspired to start making my summer range when I went to Spotlight and bought some fantastic fabrics.
Sheer, light, summer feeling fabrics that will encourage the sun to come out and shine upon us all.

Take a look at these fantastic new dresses and fiesta skirts :)
thanks for looking, and contact me if you wanted to buy some for a special little girl in your life.
Sizes range from 1 - 4 y.o.

I'll also be selling my wares at a fantastic market next month. For more information on dates and location, check out: http://madenthornbury.blogspot.com/

30 June 2009

Hello! I have 3 new dresses, all a lovely mustard coloured cord, with ribbon details.
Sizes 2, 3 and 4
take a look!

03 June 2009

dresses bibs and hats

I've got some new dresses for you to see, plus bibs and super warm polar fleece hats. The hats come in a range of colours and sizes - newborn, size 1 - 3, 3+, adult female and adult male.

Click on the image below to access all images and view all dresses
and contact me if you are interested in purchasing one of them.

25 May 2009

New dresses coming soon

Hello Again!
I've been busy making new dresses and warm winter hats which I will post up soon.
Remember that you can buy dresses online through
http://www.madeit.com.au/storecatalog.asp?userid=1996 or
or you can view the dresses that I have on those sites and contact me direct.

The etsy site is in US dollars (hence the difference in price) but for australian clients, the price for dresses is $29.00 plus postage.

Little Eva wants more cheese at the moment, so I will be back with more soon :)
Fabiola - Little Cooties

02 May 2009

First Post

It's another early morning for me. Eva, my daughter wakes me at some stage, and I just refuse to go back to sleep. It's incredibly annoying.
This morning, it wasn't too bad. I woke at 4am, last night it was at 2am, but at least I got back to sleep at 6am.
Too much stuff on my mind, working it over time.

BUT to more interesting items - this is to give you all the necessary information about my etsy and madeit shops online.
To check out my wares for sale, click on the links that I will provide shortly.

Little Cooties

so creative!