28 April 2010

I love a 50's inspired apron!

As I have grown older... and have matured and evolved, I have found myself wearing aprons while I cook and work around the kitchen. 

The ones that I have are not lovely, or beautiful, they are just functional... until I went to Phillip Island and came across a great shop and bought my first cute apron.

Now, I just love it, and so, inspired by the apron swap that Red Gingham is doing - to which unfortunately I was too late to join... sob sob...  I've decided to make myself and perhaps some others this mothers day some aprons.

I just love 50's inspired aprons, they look fantastic, and make me want to wear dresses and rollers in my hair.

Here are a few examples to get my creative juices flowing, and soon, I hope to have pics of the finished products soon!

03 April 2010

Easter Preparations

This Easter, as the children are getting older and more able to help with projects I decided to make some birds nest chocolate treats to give out.
I used this great recipe from Janna of Mustard Seeds. It's such a great idea, so easy to make with little fingers, and the results are beautiful and sooo yummy!.

We practiced during the week.... 

and today with a few adjustments to the presentation, we made the final birds nest.

01 April 2010

My Creative Space

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For 13 May 2010 My Creative Space click HERE

This week I've been inspired by my
children's childcare centre to create a
visual diary of their art and how
they develop as the months and years go by.
Today, my creative space is taking care of
Lucho and Eva's creative expressions.

As all kids do, my children spend a portion of their days drawing or painting.

Some mornings I will wake to their quiet chatter in the lounge room, both of them with a pencil in hand, drawing freehand on paper, or a colouring in book. It's such a beautiful sight, and something that they enjoy so much.

I have bought each one an A3 spiral bound book with white cartridge paper and I will be pasting their creations in and making any notes of special drawings or developments in their creative style.

The front covers have images chosen by them to make these books even more special and respected.
I hope to be able to look back on it, and remember special moments, and also show them as they grow how they are changing and getting more creative and expressive.

so creative!