22 December 2009

Visit to Rose Street Market inspires creative frenzy

Last week I sent in an online application for a stall at the  Rose Street Market in Fitzroy and to my pleasure I was accepted! YAY! I will be there once a month Jan - April.

So I went with the family to take a look, as it had been years since I had gone. It has changed a bit, there are more stall holders and it looks like a very lively and well patroned market. There was a variety of stall holders, with many varied beautiful products.

My favourites were Angus&Celeste with beautiful fine porcelain jewellery and homewares. I loved their bracelets! Gorgeous!

Kerry Scheen's hand painted ceramic objects also caught my eye for the beautiful paintings of children on her pieces. Made me wonder if I could commission something with my two little ones on a pendant.

When I got back home I was completely overwhelmed with the size of the stalls and the professional displays and quality of the products.

I wondered how I was going to fare alongside these people. It sent me into a whirlwind of activity and 3 days later, I have made six dresses and created nine Kiki dolls, although some of them are a bit surprised to be here judging by their expressions...

I will also have my DH very busy making new wooden clothes racks to better display my clothes. Will post a piccie of those when they are born.

09 December 2009

Love chunks at Christmas

Today I spent most of the day in the kitchen, after having gone shopping for supplies with Eva.
I wanted to say thank you to the carers in my children's lives and what better way than to give them home made sweeties. I got the idea to make bite size Christmas cakes from Kim a friend from mothers group - it's such a simple recipe and so appealing to the eye. It took no time at all to create them.

Just add orange juice to an existing fruit cake -
I used an apricot fruit cake.
Add enought to make slightly moist
and roll into balls.
I used the tiny patty pans,
then decorated with white chocolate
and sprinkles.

Then to the task of making honey comb for the fourth time!
and I finally got it right, after reading loads of recipes and methods, and after making a couple of toffee
like batches, hit the jackpot with this batch.
Coated in dark cholocate,
they have become little love chunks.

Melt in the mouth and impossible to resist (which is why they are out of reach at the moment!)

Finished product! Viola!

07 December 2009

Christmas and Honeycomb

Christmas is just around the corner and I have been busily finishing up orders. I have made some great red tops, that match the fiesta skirt perfectly.

After taking Eva shopping for fabric, she chose a pink giraffe jersey fabric which I made a shirred dress out of, she loves it!

I'm about to start making biscuits to give to the carers in my children's lives and came across the fetes and festivals website with yummy recipes. I think I might try the honey comb! YUM

so creative!