28 January 2010

Australia Day Fun

We spent a relaxed Australia day in the Fitzroy gardens with fairies and superheros.

23 January 2010

Rose St Market - learning experience

How excited was I this morning, nervous, expectant, and looking forward to an ongoing relationship with the Rose Street Market. I arrived at 9am to set up, and took time and effort to try to get it looking just right. Trying to display all items to their best advantage.
By 11am, I was ready for the punters to come past, and start looking.... by 1am, I was still waiting for a sale.... by 2pm, I had my first sale - the baby set using the stripey baby character  I bought at spotlight... by the time 5pm rolled around, I had not seen any more action.

There was a lot of people looking, lots of touching and commenting, but not one more sale after that first one.

A big high for the day was when I was approached by Hunter Gatherer to see about putting some of my stock in the shop. Am excited about that!

On reflection, I can only conclude that the demographic of this market is not suited to my product. I was the only stall with children's clothing, most of the people walking through the market were younger than other markets I've been to - mid 20's  - 30 - couples.

I can definitely see Margaret of Konstant Kaos with her edgier and wider product range doing really well, but for me, well it was quite the opposite. I reached a new low in terms of sales.... I was definitely in deficit today.

On a high note, I was very well supported by the wonderful people who took time out of their day to come and visit me. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for visiting and bolstering my spirits - Angelica and Marcela my mum and sis with her two cherubs, Jennie (who has promised to give her blog some tlc)and her two beautiful girls, Beky the paper queen and my market mate, the sweet voiced Michelle from Stomper Room and her family and lastly, newly arrived from Chile, Daniela who came with her husband Gato to visit and stayed till pack up and helped me take all my gear back to the car - so unexpected and so needed!

time to chill out now :)

21 January 2010

Inspiration hits!

This month Finki is encouraging us all to turn Japanese! In her monthly design challenge we need creatively interpret the chosen theme.


I had all but given up on my creative juices flowing, but then, whilst visiting Polly Pratt at the Olive Grove, I bought one of her fabric cut offs bags, and came across this little beauty! Japanese geisha on a white background.
The other side of this story, is that I have been yearning for a needle book, and so with idea, and fabric in hand, I made this bi-folding needle book.

That's two more things to get off my list!

Also, this Saturday is my first Rose Street Artists Market! I am so excited, and nervous! Lucky for me, I have secured a spot inside, so I don't have to worry about setting up a marquee, or umbrellas, or if it were to rain.... tarps... now I can just relax a little :)
Wish me LUCK!!!!

18 January 2010

Cooties Defined....

Definition of a cootie:

The metaphysical manifestation of the fear of social backlash resulting from association with the opposite sex during childhood.

In short, the other sex has them, you can get them, and you do not want them.

(Josh is seen with Katie.)
Boys: Eww, Josh has cooties!

Margaret from Konstant Kaos sent me a link that shows the anatomy of a cootie and to be honest I think this fits in with  most peoples perception of what a cootie is. But I thought I'd do a quick search to see what other cooties were out there in creative land.


• Igotcooties is a shop on Etsy, and here is her version -  Ewww Cooties

computer cooties
comic cooties
• board game cooties

• cootie beads
jewellery cooties

To me, now that I have kids, cooties will always be little children, and they will always be cute, cuddly, loving and in need of my clothes!

10 January 2010

Kreativ Blogger Award

Wow, I feel humbled that I was awarded a Kreativ Blogger award by my market mate Beky from Pivotal Xpressions!
Thanks Beky! I feel like I should be on my knees chanting "I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy"
I first met Beky in August at our first ever market - Made n Thornbury. We were both nervous while we waited for the doors to open and set our first stall up, and to my surprise, I found that we were next to each other in the hall. So since then, I have followed her emerging business, and wonderful blog, and look forward to our next market together which will be at Northside Makers Market.

So on to the award.....

The deal with this award is that you have to spread the love around!

To keep it growing I have to follow 7 rules:
1) Copy the pretty picture and post it on your blog.
2) Thank the person that gave it to you and
3) link to their blog.
4) Write 7 things about yourself we don't know.
5) Choose 7 other bloggers to pass the award to.
6) Link to those 7 other bloggers.
7) Notify your 7 bloggers.

Write 7 things about yourself we don't know.
1. I only started sewing in April of 2009.
2. I watched a youtube video to learn how to make my first dress.
3. I used to make jewellery in silver and gold.
4. Some of my work was shown at the National Gallery of Victoria, including eating disorder brooches, and a latex with silver nipple bra which was a comment on plastic surgery and boob jobs.
5. I've gone off chocolate, and I really miss it :( I think I od'ed after I had my second child, and now my taste buds don't want it, even though my head does.
6. I love speaking in pig latin, and am constantly surprised that not more people know how to speak it! My sister and I always converse it when we don't want the kids or the hubbies to understand us!
7. I'm so glad that I was able to breastfeed my children, and so proud that they thrived for so many months purely surviving on what my body provided. It always amazed me that my milk enabled them to gain weight, grow teeth, fingernails, hair and allowed them to be healthy little babies.

Choose 7 other bloggers to pass the award to.

i'm going to cheat on this one, as i don't follow too many blogs, so only 6 for me

Pivotal Xpressions

Well, just because Beky gave me the award does not mean that I can't give it back?  I really love Beky's blog, it is always an interesting read, and I love to see where she gets her inspiration from.  It's wonderful also to follow her journey through her blog.

Whip Up
Kathreen send out a weekly newsletter that I await eagerly on the weekends. She always has something interesting to look at, great links to tutorials, and has created a fantastic calendar featuring some great creative people and products.

Buttons by LouLou
I met Louise through the Australian Breastfeeding Association.
She lives a few blocks from me, and i only recently found out that she was a fellow crafter when we were both at the Made n Thornbury market in August 2009As well as having two beautiful boys, she makes gorgeous fabric covered buttons, amongst other things, and her blog is so interesting to go through. Lots of interesting posts not just about buttons. She has been featured in magazines, and has products all over Melbourne. A very inspiring and busy mother and crafter!

Cathie not only makes DELICIOUS food, but is also a great photographer. I am not sure where she finds the time or energy to be as productive as she is!
Her food is great, and her blog is beautiful to look as as well as to follow. I know when I take a look, my eyes will be rewarded.

Angus and Celeste
I came across these lovely items at the Rose Street Market, and I fell in love with their
bracelets. I intend to be wearing one of them before too long!  i think their blog is a newbie, and i look forward to seeing what else they create and what inspires them.

Happy Dacks
Michele has a great blog. A great read and i really love her "Hot and Not Wednesday" Posts, where she posts about the hot and not so hot things in her life during the week. She talks about food, craft, people and creating. Really a great read!

So again, thanks Beky for the award! and please feed the fish :)
take care

Red stripey baby sets

i went to spotlight to buy a rotary cutter the other day and came across this gorgeous fabric. Now I'm not one to normally buy fabric from either lincraft or spotlight, preferring to go to other sources, but I couldn't resist this!

Sooo cute!

So I bought the cutter - which has made cutting multiple pieces a dream - so wish I had thought of getting one before, bought the fabric, bought some buttons, and then made my way home, all inspired!

This is what the fabric has become....
I have made 3 x size 6 months and 3 x size 12 months that I will have to sell a the Rose Street market and have only a small amount left from a 2 metre piece of fabric.
I so love it I wish I could wear these myself.

I also figured out a new way of attaching the red edges that make my life a lot easier, and takes another step out of the process, which cuts out precious time!

05 January 2010

Merchandise display magic

My dear Hubby, who has contacts of all sorts, sizes and shapes went to visit a friend with a shoe shop and came with a little bag of tricks that will make my life a little easier with setting up a market stall.
Since we went to the Rose Street Artists Market we have been trying to come up with ideas about how to display my stock to it's best advantage.
Here are some of the great items he came back with.... My biggest thank you's go to DH and also to Vivianna who took care of me and has offered more if I need it :)

I sooo love the round clothes rack! Can picture colourful dresses hanging off it.
These items along with my clothes rack should display all my products well. Now to make more clothes......

so creative!