27 February 2010

Boys range

I got a huge haul of chenille arrive yesterday, in them was this great funky retro style checkered fabric that I thought would be perfect for the boys winter range of pants.
The fabric is sooo fluffy and cuddly that I want to make myself some pants...
Of course Paddington features in these ones, but I think I will try some brown faux fur for the next few and see how they go.

25 February 2010

WInter Pants Range

Ok, so after a few attempts at getting the pants looking super cute, I have decided on a look that I like and will make in a few sizes and also for both genders.

The pants will have cuffs and pockets and will be available in sizes 6 months to 4 years.

I will also make some size 6 months with the knee patches as I think it will protect soft little knees during the crawling stage.

Eva has been out and about with the knee patch version and has been getting lots of comments about how cute and original they are, so I'm pretty pleased that they stand out enough to be noticed.

Thanks for the comments and feedback on this project girls! Hard to get unbiased feedback from the kids!

23 February 2010

Paddington Bear Pants revisited

Hello again, day two of the quest for the perfect winter pants design.

Here are two more versions of the pants using a lovely corduroy fabric, it's a deep purple and makes a strong contrast to the Paddington Bear fabric.

The second version I made with a strip down the side as well as patches on the front.

I like both versions, and Eva looks really good with the ones she is modelling for, but I think I prefer the stripes down the side.

I've got some white chenille coming in the post, so when that comes in, I'll make a version with that, and use a contrasting colour for the applique to make the patch stand out.

Still not finished, but a lot closer to being happy with the design.

Maybe the next one will be the pants with large cuffs using the PB fabric, rather than as a knee patch.

22 February 2010

Paddington Bear pants

Here is the first attempt of the Paddington bear pants.

I'm not sold on them, but Eva loves them, and didn't want to take them off after the photo shoot!

Next I will make some with square patches on the knees and see how they look.

I wanted to make the patches more organic looking, but I don't think it works... what do you think?

Tomorrow, I'll post up the new version.....

21 February 2010

Thread Den Market

One week to go till my first appearance at Thread Den North Melbourne Market.

I'll  be taking along the usual dresses, pants and baby sets, but I am also hoping to have some girls winter pants ready for show.

I've bought some lovely vintage chenille in dusty pink and I've been tossing some ideas around about combining it with some Paddington Bear fabric that I have. I wish that like Paddington, I was able to lounge about in a sun chair, but not for me this week. It's time to get the creative juices fired up!

I'll post some pics when the pants come to life...
In the meantime, clear some space in the calendar for a visit to the market next Saturday!

Take a look at the Little Cooties page on Facebook, become a fan and be one of the first to see the new pants!

14 February 2010

Valentine messages

George and I have never been big on celebrating Valentines day.

Our first Valentines day was 17 years ago. We were 21, in puppy dog love, at uni and broke.
George picked some rose petals from our neighbours garden while I was still asleep, and sprinkled them on our bed, so when he woke me up, I was surrounded by them, and by him.

Since then, we have shown our love to each other in similar ways, this year, he is helping a friend move house, so he left me some flowers and a heart note while I was out with the kids.

When he gets home, he will be greeted by the hand made card and heart felt words of love by me.

I love you George, thanks for sharing you life with me

10 February 2010

What next?

Little Cooties has been in existence for about 10 months now. As each week and month goes by, I am growing and evolving more and more. My stock levels are high, and have diversified to include much more than girls dresses.

Which leads me to ponder the direction that I would like to proceed the business in.
I have proven to myself that I can sew items that people want to buy, and I have enjoyed the markets where I meet great crafters and sell to lovely people.
But the markets are not going to bring me financial stability.
I need to start selling my products in another way.

I have tried selling on etsy and madeit, but have not been satisfied with the response.
I have been thinking a lot about approaching stores and putting stock on consignment, and require a few more hours legwork to make that happen.
Creating my own website was also considered, after talking to Mecino about her new website.
A conversation with Hunter Gatherer about stocking and making clothes for them had me questioning what my wholesale price would be. And conversations with girlfriends led me to  look at numerous websites including ebay and monkies undies to see whether the listing (and relisting) fees are going to be to my advantage.

incube8r also has been of interest as they rent out spaces in their shop, and I would go in and maintain my area. They don't have any rack space at the moment and they have a waiting list.

Then an email regarding an opening at the Olive Grove had me looking at a whole other way of selling and steering the business. They have a number of members in a co-operative situation where they all stock the shop, man it and pay rent. A safer way to run your own shop, and as Jay from Finki puts it, the shops is open 7 days a week, so much more exposure than a 5 hour market.

So there is lots to think about, and so much information out there, and not enough head space with the kiddles around, that the decision is harder than it might have been at another stage of my life.

I have applied for the opening at the Olive Grove, and hope to see where that will lead if successful, if not, well, theres a whole lot more thinking that I have to do....

But for today, the most important thing on my list, is getting the hot water system installed, and the gas back on before dinner...... Wish me luck!!

03 February 2010

Northside Makets Market This Saturday!

These past two weeks have had me thinking about expanding my product range and making some new things for the Northside Makers Market this Saturday

The reasons for this follow:

One is that I didn't sell anything at my last market that i needed to replace, so therefore no need to make clothes or toys..... (But still a burning desire to make)

Two is that I really enjoyed making the needle book for Finki's January Monthly design challenge and I wanted to make some more wallets - so I made some targetted at men / boys as well as some others for women / girls.

Three, making the wallets led to me to ask, what else can I make and what would I  like to make for myself? So I went searching and found a great pattern by Keyka Lou and bought a pattern for this beautiful "Bubble Pouch"

If they aren't a successful market item, well, I have made all the presents for this year early!

01 February 2010

Money... Who needs it?

I have an arrangement with Stomper Room.
We are bartering our services/skills - I can take my two ankle biters for some song and dance, in exchange for sewing.
Here are some drawstring bags I made with applique numbers, plus some tablecloths in need of love.

It works! It's my first time, and it allows me to indulge my little ones, while giving me some time in front of the sewing machine.... Money?? Blah!

so creative!