03 February 2010

Northside Makets Market This Saturday!

These past two weeks have had me thinking about expanding my product range and making some new things for the Northside Makers Market this Saturday

The reasons for this follow:

One is that I didn't sell anything at my last market that i needed to replace, so therefore no need to make clothes or toys..... (But still a burning desire to make)

Two is that I really enjoyed making the needle book for Finki's January Monthly design challenge and I wanted to make some more wallets - so I made some targetted at men / boys as well as some others for women / girls.

Three, making the wallets led to me to ask, what else can I make and what would I  like to make for myself? So I went searching and found a great pattern by Keyka Lou and bought a pattern for this beautiful "Bubble Pouch"

If they aren't a successful market item, well, I have made all the presents for this year early!


  1. Those Bubble Pouches look great. It's wonderful to find patterns which can be used to make products to sell! Perhaps you could cover her request of 'linking back' to her Etsy shop by putting a slip of paper in each purse that says "Handmade by Little Cooties, pattern from etsy.com/keykalou".

  2. That's a great idea Jennie! Will definitely do that.

  3. gorgeous Fab!
    hope you have a wonderful day on Saturday, till then I guess we'll have a few sleepless nights.
    see you then


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