30 August 2010

Living in an Antique Shop

Here at my granny and aunt's house the apartment is full of relics from our ancestors that have survived the passage of time and the many earthquakes that rock the country from time to time.

I am surrounded by these pieces of history as I write today

In the background of this photos is a reflection of a portrait of my gran when she was a
young lady just introduced into society.

22 August 2010

I find myself alongside my father in a grey city where everytime I look skywards, I see towering mountains and snow capped peaks. Yes, I remind myself, Dorothy you are a long way from home.

This post is not a happy or creative one, but more like a diary entry.

I`ve come to Chile to say good bye to my beautiful, vivacious, gracious and very sick aunty. I`ve also come to lend a shoulder to those who bear the burden of this grief and who find themselves with the overwhealming task of walking this road.

My aunt is in a grand old hospital, whose walls have seen many years, and survived the many earthquakes that it has been subjected to.
She is in the intensive care unit, unlike any you will find back home, where the family are treated with little respect and are only allowed in to see their loved ones for one hour in the day - 1pm -2pm. It is gut wrenching knowing that one of us could be by her side all day, we could take it in turns to hold her hand. Insead, we are herded in two at a time and then the door is locked once again until tomorrow.
Of course that time of day is sacred to all of us, and from the various sides of Santiago, many who know her will take time out of their day to travel to the hospital, unite, support and talk, while two by two those who are closest visit and caress her - her daughter, her partner, my father, his sister and I. Her mother waits at home praying and talking to her daughters soul.

Alongside the pain and grief, I find gems scattered along my path. People rediscovered, new family found. Bonds that will last a lifetime will be formed. New love will be fostered.

On this visit, I am discovering my fathers family, who are new to me.Wonderful, supportive people who I wish to have known better when I lived here for a year 20 years ago.

I am also meeting my cousins children and husbands/wives. Who delight me and give me a giggle.

Gems amongst the rubble

16 August 2010

Colourful Monday

The horse that is visiting Nellie's house is beautiful, he/she has flowers climbing up his neck, a jockey on it's back and has a sporty theme to him/her.

I feel like I should name it... what's a good horsey name? Pharlap? Mr Ed? Misty? Perhaps Nellie should come and leave a comment and tell us what she is calling it.

Anyway, it's been 24 hours since I first posted images of horse, and here is an update of our speedy artist. Braving the cold Melbourne winter....

This will be the last update about horse for a couple of weeks now, as I am having to travel suddenly to Chile to say goodbye to a loved one.

Today while Nellie painted, and her daughter took care of my munchkins, I was at the Passport Office trying to get the application hurried through.

Fingers crossed and I will be away this Thursday on a 6am flight!

So, it's goodbye from me till next month, where I will post some final piccies and perhaps post some nice moments of my visit to family over the other side of the world... also as cold as Melbourne unfortunately.

15 August 2010

A horse next door

My neighbour Nellie has been commissioned to paint a horse - not for the first time mind you, and I was quite surprised to find a strange man depositing said horse in her back yard the other day. I called her mobile quite quickly advising of the strange event.

Not to worry I was told, horse has been expected....  and will be sent to Tassie when finished

 I'll be updating you on how the painting is going, but here is a little taste for now.

We went over this afternoon to pat and stroke the horse and see that it was being taken care of.

And I really couldn't resist... this apron is really seeing action at my house, I love to wear it and so does hubby... pictured saying, "this better not end up on facebook!"   No, not to worry hon, just on the blog :)

12 August 2010

Drum Roll.....

And the winner is.....

Catherine! Who said:

"You probably already know Cathie's blog:
http://melbourneepicure.blogspot.com/, but I always love visiting for lovely images and words!"

 I too love Cathies blog  - images are beautiful and recipes YUMMY!! Thanks for visiting Catherine, I will be in touch to see what goody you would like sent :)

 On a complety unrelated topic - I bought two new kitchen implements this week - the first is a bento box egg shaper and the second it a tool that is specially made for making Thai Green Papaya Salad, but I used it for carrots instead! How cute does it look?! 
I had hoped that by making the egg look so cute, I would convince Lucho to eat them and like eggs, but no go. Oh well, Eva loves them!

My Creative Space 12 august 2010

This week has been all about a little boy and a present for his 3rd birthday.

Inspired by this great tutorial I decided to make him a crayon apron using fabric in my stash.

I hope it's a good combination for a big 3 year old who is no longer a baby, and knows it!
And yes, thank you Jorge for pointing out that the animals are upside down.... ooops!

Eva who is a similar size acts as a great model for me - especially in her Little Cooties cord Paddington pants

So today I continue with the apron theme, with these two table cloths given to me by mum, who doesn't use them and would like two cute aprons.
Me being the apron enthusiast, am only two happy to oblige
(as long as I get to keep one!)

Today is the last day to enter my competition, so please take a look and I will be drawing a winner tonight with the kids help.

go for a visit here for more inspiration

09 August 2010

Spring has sprung early

Sunday was our family day, and the weather was glorious. The sun was shining and in the city, people were out and about.

We decided after consultation with the smallest members of our family to go on a boat ride down the chocolate river (the Yarra in Melbourne).

The kids had a ball and so did we.
We rode on a tram, boat and train,
much to their delight.

Thanks for visiting, come and participate in the Little Cooties competition - winner to be drawn on Thursday 12 August

07 August 2010

Baking day

I'm making Banana Bread today.
The recipe can be found on Cathie's blog
along with lots and lots of other yummies.

I hope it turns out as lovely as hers.. 

Take a look here to enter my giveaway

Edited to add these pics of the very yummy finished product 

05 August 2010

My Creative Space 5 August 2010 - the gift of giving

This week has been fun filled and full of little children with big smiles on faces and fueled with friends, food and sweets.

All my creative energy has gone to making smiles. 

We've had cake and have sung the birthday song numerous times and to various people. It's been a great time for family, friendship, sharing, and coming together.

And so to make a great week even better, and because today
my creative space is about giving, Little Cooties will be hosting a giveaway,
in a bid to pay it forward for the great things I have received
and the wonderful people I have met since joining the crafting world.
Speaking of wonderful, go over to Kootoyoo's to see what others have been up to.

How do you play I hear you ask?

Let me know which is your favourite blog and why?
  • Leave a comment to be in the running
  • For another chance to win, become a follower of the blog andlet me know with another comment.
Please leave you email address so I can contact you if you don't have a blog.
Prize will be drawn on Thursday 12 August at 5pm.

My favourite at the moment is Gerties New Blog for Better Sewing,
just because every time I visit, there is either another great outfit that she has
made, or she has spent enormous amounts of energy showing us how to
sew, cut, drape and adjust. Not only that there is always something interesting
to read and beautiful vintage items to look at.
The other thing I love about Gertie is that she is from Queens, New York, and that to me is exotic and rare, so I get to have a peek-a-boo at a New Yorker 
Gertie, thanks for sharing :)

Here is what is on offer. 
You can choose one from these items 
(whatever would suit you best)
Baby set comes in  size 6m or 2

so creative!