18 October 2010

Proud moments

This weekend was a strange one in Melbourne.
The weather turned cold and wintery again, after giving us all a taste of the spring that is coming, there was  lots of rain, wind and dark heavy clouds. The temperature dropped and the heater was turned on again.

Never the less, we ventured outside to the park in hopes that we could have a few moments in the sun, or before the rain started again, and during one of those outings, Lucho graduated from training wheels to "I'm a big boy now bike".

Ever the proud  mum, I took a hundred photos, hoping to catch the moment of take off.

My husband took on the typical role of dad running after child in the "catch you if you fall" position.

And we even got Eva riding her bike - which she has been too short to do ever since we bought it over a year ago - but now no longer.

07 October 2010

My creative space: Caravan Heaven

 My creative space is about the adventure of a caravan and all that we could do with it! Take a look here for other creative peeps....

I while  back we were gifted with a caravan. My lovely cousin used to be the owner and she kept it near Bright where it was a base for her snow getaways. She has decided to live in London and will no longer be needing it. So it is now ours to love and travel with!!

It currently has this as it's home:

 It looks like this:

And this is the fabric I will use to make new curtains!!

I have decided to theme it up and make it bright. 60's - 70's inspired. 

We have plans to bring it muuuch closer to our home and holiday at the beach.

All she really needs now (apart from some major redecorating!!)
.... is a name....

Beryl perhaps?

03 October 2010

Ode to Spring

Spring has arrived in Melbourne.
I searched my wardrobe for shorts and tshirt and spent the morning in the back yard thinking about harvesting the abundant silverbeet.

Today the weather invited one and all to venture outdoors and celebrate the warmth of the sun, marvel at the blossoms and let rays kiss visible skin.

While at the park, I promised the kids they could have ice cream at home (a very rare treat)...

I used frozen berries - raspberries and blueberries, mixed in a bit of milk and then a touch of sugar, and served it straight from my new Magimix

It was an immediate hit with the kids and I loved it too!

Hope your Sunday has been spent in the sun and relaxing.

so creative!