14 February 2010

Valentine messages

George and I have never been big on celebrating Valentines day.

Our first Valentines day was 17 years ago. We were 21, in puppy dog love, at uni and broke.
George picked some rose petals from our neighbours garden while I was still asleep, and sprinkled them on our bed, so when he woke me up, I was surrounded by them, and by him.

Since then, we have shown our love to each other in similar ways, this year, he is helping a friend move house, so he left me some flowers and a heart note while I was out with the kids.

When he gets home, he will be greeted by the hand made card and heart felt words of love by me.

I love you George, thanks for sharing you life with me

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  1. always lovely to see you Fab, hope you have a love & hug filled day today!


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