24 March 2011

My creative space - Curtain call

I've been wanting to put curtains up in the lounge room for a while, but have not done anything about it... until now.

The time has come for me to make curtains.

I went along to Spotlight and quickly ran out when I saw the prices on pleated curtains. I then made my way to Rathdown Remnants and fell in lust with a double sided curtain fabric.  As you can see, it has a beige floral thing happening on one side with cafe / laté stripes on the reverse. The stripes will be visible from the outside.

It is an interesting project as I have never made them before, however, how hard can they be?

Well, the answer is - they can be quite hard if you buy a fabric with a pattern on it and you want the pattern to match up on the curtain once it's hanging!.....

It has been joined, finished and the pencil pleat strip stitched and now they need to be hung for a couple of days before I hem them (on advice from the lady at RR).

I am pretty nervous, having never made curtains and then having chosen a fabric with so much happening on it. I just hope they look good!!!!!

Oh, and now that my creative space is nice and tidy, I am managing to make some other things that have been on the to do list, like this small shoulder purse :) 
 The original one was looking a bit tired and abused

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16 March 2011

My creative space - Big cleanup

Ohhh, my poor neglected creative space!
Lately it has been used as a holding spot for the "to do later" stuff, but as our lives are busy busy, the pile just grew and grew!
And every time I walked past it I would try to blur the edges of my vision so I wouldn't notice it begging for my attention...

Today, as the children are both out for the day, I decided to give my creative space some loving and change things around while I was at it.

I have had the rolls of wraping paper and contact and drawing paper in an upright box next to my table, but I decided to pack it all away and slide it under.


And after quite a while.... ahhhhhh, space to create and make :)

Happy at last.

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Ohh, and before I go, did you see the post about the owl that came to visit over the weekend?

It roosted in the tree all day and then left at night fall. Was great to have him spend the day with us.

12 March 2011

Owl at our window

This morning as I was going about my usual Saturday routine, I noticed a fluffy visitor out my kitchen window.

It's one of the owls that lives in a nearby tree filled walking track.
I have posted about them before.

I had thought they had gone, as I hadn't seen them since the storms earlier this year when the nest and little babies fell out of the tree.

Seeing this little one is a welcome surprise, and I am glad they have survived.

He / she is so close I could almost stretch out my hand and touch him through the window, and I resist the urge to find a mouse for him to eat!

08 March 2011

A strange summer makes for a confused garden

This summer has been quite a strange one in Australia due to La Niña effect, massive floods in many parts of Eastern Australia, with the sun and hot temperatures not eventuating.

The vegie patch doesn't quite know what to make of it, and although the tomato plants have produced beautiful tomatoes, they sit on the vine, green, without the power to turn into lovely red delicious globes.

Our japanese pumpkin vine stretches along the ground and twists itself along some twine up to the shed, and although it has lovely yellow flowers, nothing is budding.

I am at a loss and think that I will have to find a great recipe for making something with green tomatoes in it (preferably not fried!)

I hope that Autumn this year is as expected and then the rest of the year follows its usual course, weather wise.

06 March 2011

Bunny finished but I have the Amigurumi bug

My little Easter bunny is finished and she is very happy to out and about. She has been played with and looked at and held and loved.

She will however be joined by another, who it seems will be quite  a bit bigger than her, and who I think will make a wonderful present for a little baby about to come into the world.

I couldn't help myself when I stumbled upon this beautiful bunny with free pattern supplied
by Darncat Crochet I just had to make it!

03 March 2011

My creative space - Amigurumi bunny

I've been trying to get this little Amigurumi Bunny ready for a photo shoot for todays My Creative Space, but with limited sleep (awake from 3.30 - 5.30am), my eyes wouldn't focus last night!

So here she is, missing her other ear and face - Atashi from Chobits (absolutely no idea what show she stars in!).

 I was originally thinking that I would make lots of them and give them as presents for Easter - instead of chocolates, but she has been quite a lot of work, and I just can't see myself making 6 of them!!

And this is the original with the pattern here:

01 March 2011

Can you guess?

I'm making something with my new found crochet skills.

I found a pattern when I searched for amigurumi animals.

It has been a process of learning how to read a pattern and also how to make new shapes....

some of them look like little sperm... or teeny cod pieces!

can you guess what it will be?

so creative!