01 May 2010

skirts for adult girls

Little Cooties has been mostly a kids wear brand, but with markets and online sales being a bit slow, I have stopped making kids clothes for a few weeks, and have started to concentrate on making things for myself, and presents for other people.

I have needed a pick me up after recent nose surgery, and found it in the form of... ahem.... online shopping inspired by the Black Market.... 

but more importantly, I have also been inspired to make a skirt for myself after seeing one of the nurses wearing a similar style (no pleats) during the surgery.

I'm really happy with the result, and have received a lot of feedback from lovely ladies, and also an order or two!

If you decide you would love to have one, please let me know.

So here are the pics that depict the creation of the wrap skirt with pleats... I will definitely make a summer version using the white and red fabrics, but for winter, have decided to use heavier fabric of sparkly black denim

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  1. I was also admiring your skirt on Saturday. You've done a great job!


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