27 May 2010

My Creative Space 27 May 2010

This  morning my craft nook is covered with bits and pieces for an order for Christina (an old High school friend)

We found each other through facebook! 
It's amazing how many people I have found after years of no contact, and now am able to deep up to date with what is happening in their lives, and get to know them again.

So today I am making two skirts - one for her daughter and one for mine, and as they happen to be the same age, it makes it easier for me to double up on tasks, and keep two little cherubs happy.

I hope to have them finished by this afternoon.

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  1. Its nice to re-connect with an old friend, especially one that you can chat to as though you saw them yesterday, even after ten years or so! The skirts are very pretty too!

  2. Lovely for you to be able to pick up a friendship after such a long time.

    The skirts look great.

  3. Facebook is amazing for allowing you to connect with old friends. The skirts are gorgeous. I love your use of different fabrics and ribbons.

  4. Screamstress, it's more like over 20 years!!! eeek!

  5. so sweet ... the flowers on the denim look gorgeous.

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  6. I can't believe how many long lost friends I have found again through Facebook, I love it! Such happy, happy skirts, twirl twirl little girls!

  7. i recently caught up with old school friends who i hadn't seen for 35 years. we picked up like we had never been out of contact. love the skirts


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