06 May 2010

Aprons and skirts

This week has been a busy week for Little Cooties, as I have been concentrating on Lady Cooties clothes.

Two wrap skirts, a brown circle skirt for my mother as a present for mothers day, and a bright apron have kept me busy and sewing, cutting, measuring, ironing and generally hoping not to make any  mistakes.....

I am happy to report that I became part of the Great 2010 Apron Swap!! YAY Someone pulled out which meant that I was able to join and have a partner to make and send a lovely apron to. My partner is Bianca from BusyBsewBiz, we have spoken about what we like and I was pointed to a GREAT website for vintage patterns which I have been drooling at for a while.... So I have spent a part of the week on this project and have loved the process and am also nervous about whether it will be a) loved and b) worn. 
here is a sneak peak.... 

I have also been busily making two skirts based on the wrap skirt I made last week. I love the fabrics my client has chosen, and I can't wait to finish them and send them off. 

I have nearly finished the pop art skirt, which is longer on the denim side than the fingers side. And hope to finish the second one by mid next week.


  1. Love the skirts. They look great. I also absolutely LOVE the 50's style aprons. Gorgeous! Josie x

  2. I wish I had a 50's style waist to go with the aprons, and dresses they used to wear!


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