28 April 2010

I love a 50's inspired apron!

As I have grown older... and have matured and evolved, I have found myself wearing aprons while I cook and work around the kitchen. 

The ones that I have are not lovely, or beautiful, they are just functional... until I went to Phillip Island and came across a great shop and bought my first cute apron.

Now, I just love it, and so, inspired by the apron swap that Red Gingham is doing - to which unfortunately I was too late to join... sob sob...  I've decided to make myself and perhaps some others this mothers day some aprons.

I just love 50's inspired aprons, they look fantastic, and make me want to wear dresses and rollers in my hair.

Here are a few examples to get my creative juices flowing, and soon, I hope to have pics of the finished products soon!


  1. Yes, they are so cute, I actually found a vintage pattern at the op shop the other day, for a whole 50 cents!

  2. Well now you can make one for the swap after all! I didn't know you were quite so keen, I feel really bad now!! Clearly it was meant to be yours. Have a great time making aprons.

  3. Hi Fabiola! I'm Bianca we are now partnered for the apron swap because my first partner pulled out! I hope you will love the apron I will make for you:)


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