13 May 2010

My Creative Space 13 May 2010

My Creative Space this Thursday is one of finishing orders and starting new ones.

I am on the last little bits of the wrap skirt order for Kylie, and I hope to be able to send them off to her tomorrow! I hope she loves them :)

Next project will be a wrap skirt for Michelle of Stomper Room


  1. I'm sure Kylie will love her wrap skirt! And if she doesn't, I'll have it! *CHEEKY*
    {I see you have a Janome. Very jealous.}

  2. Love that peace fabric- how cool! xo m.

  3. Thank you so much for commenting! I'll be visiting you. Kind regards.

  4. Hi there
    I'm always just a wee bit jealous of those who can sew.. I did when I was young and then just lost the habit...

    thanks for popping over my way!!! always great to meet another aussie blogger.. xx Julie


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