30 May 2010

Lentil Rolls - the vegetarian version of a sausage roll

In a bid to get my kids to eat more vegies, and vegetarian foods, I made some Lentil Rolls that are a mock sausage roll. I took inspiration from the lovely Cathie who is a vegan herself, and who's children are vegetarian. 

I went to her house last month and was treated to a number of lovely yummies, one of those being a vegan "sausage" roll. She had used beans, substituted grated zucchini for eggs and used sweet chilli sauce to give a little zing. The final touch was using puff pastry from aldi which is vegan friendly.

So here is my version of the roll, which incorporated things that I had in the cupboard and fridge, and that can be changed as you need to. 

The quantities are fluid, and you will need to adjust according to your ingredients.

Vegetarian Rolls

I cup of lentils, soaked for 20 minutes in water and then cooked in new water for about 20 - 30 minutes (until they are just soft)

1/2 cup red quinoa (or white quinoa or substitute with brown bulger or barley)
cook this with the lentils for about 20 minutes - I threw mine in after the lentils were cooking for about 10 minutes

6 medium sized mushrooms, blended to a fine paste

1 carrot chopped into little cubes and cooked in butter until they are just soft
  (I can imagine sweet potato would be fantastic also)

sauce for extra taste - about 3 tablespoons - I used tomato sauce and a little bit of oyster sauce, but you can use anything that you want. Sweet chilli is really lovely.

bread crumbs, to bind and make the mixture dry

cut a sheet of puff pastry in half, and put the mixture along the length of it. 
Roll the pastry so that the long edges are overlapping about 1 cm.
Cut into bite sized segments
Place on baking paper and brush with olive oil.

I grated some mizithra over them to add texture and flavour and then cooked till golden brown in an oven set to 150 celcius

* please let me know if I've left anything out or something doesn't make sense

Hope you like it as much as my kids did! 
They ate them all up and wanted more :) 


  1. They sound delish! How did the mizithra go in the oven? I doesn't really melt like other cheese so I'm curious.

  2. Hi Yiota, the mizithra just goes golden, and adds a bit of flavour. You can see it on the top of the pastry - doesn't really melt as you say - more for the looks!

  3. looks good Fab!!!
    i like the addition of the cheese on top which I will probably do next time...maybe to tempt Amelie to try them :)

  4. yum! these look great. I will definitely give them a go. Thanks!


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