03 June 2010

My Creative Space 3 June 2010

it's here and today there is a thick mist covering Melbourne suburbs. 
Great for the kids, kept us talking about it all the way to kinder this morning.

Today my creative space will be filled with bits and pieces as I try to finish off a prototype of a skirt that is based on the wrap skirt, but will have a zip on the side. 
I hope it turns out well, but if not, I will modify to suit and take off the fabric on the side.

Yesterday I made a pillow for Eva and a pillow case for Lucho using fabric I bought at the Stitches and Craft Show. 

The beautiful Little Red Riding Hood image comes from The Red Thread and I backed it with a strawberry pattern cotton. The fantastic boys fabric I bought from Earthgirl Fabrics, and made the pillowcase small to fit his favourite pillow.

Here are my little cherubs enjoying the gifts mummy made them :)

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  1. love the kids with their prizes~!
    its freezing here too, noontime and frost still covering...

  2. looking good Fab!! love the cute pillows, especially little Babushka.


so creative!