01 November 2010

 So, its been a quiet month for me.

I have been mourning a few things and taking stock of what is important to me.

Mourning the loss of my aunt has been the most painful thing. Travelling to Chile in a rush, forging new relationships with family I have not seen in 20 years was wonderful, and saying goodbye to my aunt was so important, but as yet, still not quite assimilated into my brain. I light a candle for her every day and speak a few words to her, wishing that I could pick up the phone instead.

Back in Australia, i have decided to let my Little Cooties business fold. I have learnt much with this business, and met fantastic women and makers during this time, but financially it is not feasible and it takes to many hours out of my chosen job of motherhood. If I am dedicating my hours to sewing rather than growing the two most important projects of my life, and financially it is not paying off, then why am I doing it?

In any case, I am pleased to let it go. I know that I have the skills, and the knowledge that I can return if I please when the kids are at school, and I have more free time.
My last three markets are to make sure that I sell off as much stock as possible, and the Made n Thornbury market was very successful, where I moved about 50% of my stock. My last market will be at North Melbourne Market - Thread Den, where I hope to sell not only stock, but also my clothes racks and table!

I feel like I am making the right decision. for my sanity and for my family.  Like I will have time to dedicate to the things that are important to me.

so to my customers... THANK YOU!!!!!!
to my crafty friends.... I am so happy to have met you!!!!! and hope to continue our friendships

for myself, i hope to have something interesting to say here. I  hope to develop this blog into something that is not business driven, but passionate never the less, and that documents my time with my little family and life.

see you soon!


  1. I hope that in leaving the land of selling, you still manage to get some creative time to make things just for fun! Good luck with your final market.

  2. good luck fabiola. i hope the market on the weekend just gone went well. and i hope you're wee ones enjoy their mama's new full attention, mind, body and spirit. my hat goes off to you Fab, not only in recognition of your talent as a sewer/dress maker, but for recognising what is really important to you now and letting go of what doesn't feel right.
    have a great week

  3. I hope that once your business is wound up (for now) you'll be able to find joy in creating for loved ones instead.

    I'm glad your business gave us the chance to meet!


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