04 November 2010

My Creative Space 4 November 2010

My creative space is a little all over the place this week;
I have redesigned this blog which I am very happy with!

I have found a name for my caravan - thank you Willy Wag Tail!!
Her new name will be Gypsy! and I hope that under my ownership, she will resemble her name.

This morning I have taken Lucho to his new primary school for his transition program... and much to my surprise I bawled my eyes out as he excitedly walked away with his assigned buddy... they grow up so fast!
I had to call the hubby to calm down, and now wonder what my reaction will be the day he starts school next year!!??

But the most pressing creative item for the day will be to get a quote for redesigning a pair of earrings into a pair of rings.

These earrings have been gifted to my sister and I by our aunt in Chile.

They were my great great grandmothers earrings!

My aunt gave them to me when I was there this year and asked that we make rings out of them, so that my sister and I could share the gift.

They are beautiful earrings and I don't really want to destroy them, but hope that by keeping the flower and stone part intact and adding a band to it, I will be able to keep the original design intact.

Take a look at what others are doing today over at Kootoyoo....


  1. ohhhh, I want to cry now!! how exciting for them & sad for us.
    Amelie has hers next wed.

    those earings are beautiful, they will look great as rings though.
    i'd love to know where you get them done as mum has something she needs to alter aswell.

    hugs & yes..they are getting too big, too soon ♥

  2. I think they will make beautiful rings, and with such a beautiful meaning & history.
    My second baby starts school next year too, and so true, it flies by so quickly. But isn't it so amazing to watch them grow into their own little people?

  3. Oh wow what an amazing gift. Beautiful.


so creative!