08 November 2010

Green thumbs

This afternoon after a big morning of our favourite music class, Stomper Room and then the park with friends we came back home and decided to harvest some of the delicious and bursting-with-goodness broad beans that have taken over half the veggie patch.

These plants tower over my little ones, and picking the beans became an adventure in the broad bean jungle. They are at an age where they are excited about participating in all things green and tasting food straight from the garden.

I hope that we are instilling a love of home grown food and also the desire to eat what they grow - so far, we have had success with them eating peas and carrots, but not parsnips, leeks or beetroot!

Shelling them was also enjoyable and quite peaceful as we discussed how we might make them for tonights dinner.

It was decided to have them as a salad with a bit of lemon and perhaps some mayonaise on the side.

now I'm crossing my fingers that they will actually eat them!


  1. They look so gorgeous and bright with the green backdrop! The green t-shirts match too!

  2. yum! hope it was enjoyed by all!

  3. Ooo love the garden, puts mine to shame. :-)

  4. what a mum u r! your kids are blessed. xo


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