18 October 2010

Proud moments

This weekend was a strange one in Melbourne.
The weather turned cold and wintery again, after giving us all a taste of the spring that is coming, there was  lots of rain, wind and dark heavy clouds. The temperature dropped and the heater was turned on again.

Never the less, we ventured outside to the park in hopes that we could have a few moments in the sun, or before the rain started again, and during one of those outings, Lucho graduated from training wheels to "I'm a big boy now bike".

Ever the proud  mum, I took a hundred photos, hoping to catch the moment of take off.

My husband took on the typical role of dad running after child in the "catch you if you fall" position.

And we even got Eva riding her bike - which she has been too short to do ever since we bought it over a year ago - but now no longer.


  1. Congratulations Lucho and well done to Eva!!!!

  2. yay!! congratulations little ones!
    definitely some proud moments there.

  3. What a special weekend for the family.

  4. This is such a big moment in a little boy's life. I have 2 and a girl and remember it well. You're photos captured it all so well.


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