05 August 2010

My Creative Space 5 August 2010 - the gift of giving

This week has been fun filled and full of little children with big smiles on faces and fueled with friends, food and sweets.

All my creative energy has gone to making smiles. 

We've had cake and have sung the birthday song numerous times and to various people. It's been a great time for family, friendship, sharing, and coming together.

And so to make a great week even better, and because today
my creative space is about giving, Little Cooties will be hosting a giveaway,
in a bid to pay it forward for the great things I have received
and the wonderful people I have met since joining the crafting world.
Speaking of wonderful, go over to Kootoyoo's to see what others have been up to.

How do you play I hear you ask?

Let me know which is your favourite blog and why?
  • Leave a comment to be in the running
  • For another chance to win, become a follower of the blog andlet me know with another comment.
Please leave you email address so I can contact you if you don't have a blog.
Prize will be drawn on Thursday 12 August at 5pm.

My favourite at the moment is Gerties New Blog for Better Sewing,
just because every time I visit, there is either another great outfit that she has
made, or she has spent enormous amounts of energy showing us how to
sew, cut, drape and adjust. Not only that there is always something interesting
to read and beautiful vintage items to look at.
The other thing I love about Gertie is that she is from Queens, New York, and that to me is exotic and rare, so I get to have a peek-a-boo at a New Yorker 
Gertie, thanks for sharing :)

Here is what is on offer. 
You can choose one from these items 
(whatever would suit you best)
Baby set comes in  size 6m or 2


  1. hello there :))))

    this is my fav blog as francesca is a photographer,mother,crocheter,traveler and a wonderful writer x

  2. I love your cupcakes (I am actually baking right now too). Your comp sounds lovely but will have to enter in another post as must check the oven now.

  3. hmmm its a very tricky question trying to pic a favourite!
    http://littleecofootprints.typepad.com/little_eco_footprints/ is definately up there though ;)

  4. I'm new to blogland so a favorite is rough, i'll go with http://www.makeit-loveit.com/ off to check out the above blogs :)

  5. lovely post and pics. i love the longing look on the face of little miss i want a pink cupcake. my faves are always changing. at present it is kate at foxslane.blogspot.com/ because she is so bonny

  6. There are so many little ones with birthdays this week ... and it looks as though you had a great time.
    My Creative Space

  7. I have lots of favourites so hard to choose one but I love soulemama.typepad.com, the very first blog I read and love that there is always a bit of everything - sewing,knitting,family life,cooking.
    my email: kerrie_baas@hotmail.com

  8. sooo love that pic! what a great expression.

    I am not loving one particular blog at the moment, just love ones that make me smile when I read them & also you know I love some good pics in there too.
    great to have got to know you in market world & more so in the blogworld & now in the real world.
    hugs & happy weekend Fab.

    p.s why wasn't the weather this nice the other day!

  9. Oh wow, how could I ever choose my favourite blog?
    I have over three hundred subscriptions and some of them are now wonderful friends.
    Instead I'lll give my favourite type of blog - one that had a mixture of craft, humour, life, love, thriftiness, and happiness.

  10. You probably already know Cathie's blog:
    http://melbourneepicure.blogspot.com/, but I always love visiting for lovely images and words!

  11. Michelle called me bonny. I wonder what bonny means.
    I have no idea if I am too late to enter your gorgeous giveaway but at the moment I am loving chunkychooky. I love the craft she makes and her general outlook on life.

  12. hey fancy pants!
    your blog is rather cute indeed!
    just putting it out there!
    love your stuff x


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