12 August 2010

Drum Roll.....

And the winner is.....

Catherine! Who said:

"You probably already know Cathie's blog:
http://melbourneepicure.blogspot.com/, but I always love visiting for lovely images and words!"

 I too love Cathies blog  - images are beautiful and recipes YUMMY!! Thanks for visiting Catherine, I will be in touch to see what goody you would like sent :)

 On a complety unrelated topic - I bought two new kitchen implements this week - the first is a bento box egg shaper and the second it a tool that is specially made for making Thai Green Papaya Salad, but I used it for carrots instead! How cute does it look?! 
I had hoped that by making the egg look so cute, I would convince Lucho to eat them and like eggs, but no go. Oh well, Eva loves them!

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  1. I just found out from Cathie... thank you! I feel so lucky! By the way, love those cute shaped eggs!


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