15 August 2010

A horse next door

My neighbour Nellie has been commissioned to paint a horse - not for the first time mind you, and I was quite surprised to find a strange man depositing said horse in her back yard the other day. I called her mobile quite quickly advising of the strange event.

Not to worry I was told, horse has been expected....  and will be sent to Tassie when finished

 I'll be updating you on how the painting is going, but here is a little taste for now.

We went over this afternoon to pat and stroke the horse and see that it was being taken care of.

And I really couldn't resist... this apron is really seeing action at my house, I love to wear it and so does hubby... pictured saying, "this better not end up on facebook!"   No, not to worry hon, just on the blog :)


  1. How hilarious to all of a sudden see a big horse statue being delivered next door!

  2. Love the apron George!


so creative!