03 August 2010

50's obsession

Ok, I think it's official. I am becoming obsessed with 50's aprons...

I have two very serviceable and beautiful aprons - 50's styled aprons - one which was a swap earlier this year made for me by the lovely Bianca.

One would think that two beautiful aprons (plus numerous unattractive but serviceable ones) would be enough, and they were, but then.... I received an email from etsy... and I just can't get these ones out of my head... They are gorgeous!

You can see the whole range here, and the worst thing of all is that they are just so affordable! I think I'm going to succumb..... this one is my favourite. I wonder if I like them so much because they remind me of dresses I'd love to wear if I had anywhere to wear them to?

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  1. Aprons are just darling, Love them all too! thanks for this post, just delightful.


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