12 August 2010

My Creative Space 12 august 2010

This week has been all about a little boy and a present for his 3rd birthday.

Inspired by this great tutorial I decided to make him a crayon apron using fabric in my stash.

I hope it's a good combination for a big 3 year old who is no longer a baby, and knows it!
And yes, thank you Jorge for pointing out that the animals are upside down.... ooops!

Eva who is a similar size acts as a great model for me - especially in her Little Cooties cord Paddington pants

So today I continue with the apron theme, with these two table cloths given to me by mum, who doesn't use them and would like two cute aprons.
Me being the apron enthusiast, am only two happy to oblige
(as long as I get to keep one!)

Today is the last day to enter my competition, so please take a look and I will be drawing a winner tonight with the kids help.

go for a visit here for more inspiration


  1. that looks great!!! what a cool apron.
    looking forward to seeing what you create with the tablecloths.
    happy creating Fab

  2. Ohhh awesome. My boy just turned 3, and I think this would be a great project to get me into a bit of sewing. What a cutie!


  3. looks great! and the animals will be just the right way up for the apron wearer!

  4. great idea to put the crayon roll on the apron! nice work

  5. It looks great!
    My littlest is turning three in a few months and I am so making one of them. Thanks heaps for the link.

  6. very sweet. at least the artist will be looking at the animals right way up


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