10 January 2010

Red stripey baby sets

i went to spotlight to buy a rotary cutter the other day and came across this gorgeous fabric. Now I'm not one to normally buy fabric from either lincraft or spotlight, preferring to go to other sources, but I couldn't resist this!

Sooo cute!

So I bought the cutter - which has made cutting multiple pieces a dream - so wish I had thought of getting one before, bought the fabric, bought some buttons, and then made my way home, all inspired!

This is what the fabric has become....
I have made 3 x size 6 months and 3 x size 12 months that I will have to sell a the Rose Street market and have only a small amount left from a 2 metre piece of fabric.
I so love it I wish I could wear these myself.

I also figured out a new way of attaching the red edges that make my life a lot easier, and takes another step out of the process, which cuts out precious time!

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