05 January 2010

Merchandise display magic

My dear Hubby, who has contacts of all sorts, sizes and shapes went to visit a friend with a shoe shop and came with a little bag of tricks that will make my life a little easier with setting up a market stall.
Since we went to the Rose Street Artists Market we have been trying to come up with ideas about how to display my stock to it's best advantage.
Here are some of the great items he came back with.... My biggest thank you's go to DH and also to Vivianna who took care of me and has offered more if I need it :)

I sooo love the round clothes rack! Can picture colourful dresses hanging off it.
These items along with my clothes rack should display all my products well. Now to make more clothes......


  1. That rack is so cool. Can it come apart, is it heavy?


so creative!