23 January 2010

Rose St Market - learning experience

How excited was I this morning, nervous, expectant, and looking forward to an ongoing relationship with the Rose Street Market. I arrived at 9am to set up, and took time and effort to try to get it looking just right. Trying to display all items to their best advantage.
By 11am, I was ready for the punters to come past, and start looking.... by 1am, I was still waiting for a sale.... by 2pm, I had my first sale - the baby set using the stripey baby character  I bought at spotlight... by the time 5pm rolled around, I had not seen any more action.

There was a lot of people looking, lots of touching and commenting, but not one more sale after that first one.

A big high for the day was when I was approached by Hunter Gatherer to see about putting some of my stock in the shop. Am excited about that!

On reflection, I can only conclude that the demographic of this market is not suited to my product. I was the only stall with children's clothing, most of the people walking through the market were younger than other markets I've been to - mid 20's  - 30 - couples.

I can definitely see Margaret of Konstant Kaos with her edgier and wider product range doing really well, but for me, well it was quite the opposite. I reached a new low in terms of sales.... I was definitely in deficit today.

On a high note, I was very well supported by the wonderful people who took time out of their day to come and visit me. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for visiting and bolstering my spirits - Angelica and Marcela my mum and sis with her two cherubs, Jennie (who has promised to give her blog some tlc)and her two beautiful girls, Beky the paper queen and my market mate, the sweet voiced Michelle from Stomper Room and her family and lastly, newly arrived from Chile, Daniela who came with her husband Gato to visit and stayed till pack up and helped me take all my gear back to the car - so unexpected and so needed!

time to chill out now :)


  1. ohh, that's no good. have heard so much about this market.
    does that mean you won't do it again?
    hopefully northside will be fabulous for you.

    chill out & have a great night

    p.s regarding the plant label spoons, kids haven't touched them...yet :)

  2. Very disappointing! Maybe it's a market that takes time for people to get to know you, maybe school holidays has slowed down children's things, maybe it's not the market for you. So hard to know. A new business is such a huge learning curve! Good on you for giving it a go. Lou.

  3. what a bummer Fab. I've always been tempted by Rose st, but terrified at the same time...Here's hopin northside is great for us all (:

  4. That sucks. It's hard to find the ideal market for your stuff. For me it's Craft Hatch, which is the CBD, rather than anything in the suburbs.

  5. Thanks for your comments. I'm sure with more hours at the market, and tweaking my stock, I might be more successful at Rose Street, but with no changes at all, I know that I can have a much better outcome at the right market. So here's to finding that right one!

  6. I have had good markets and bad markets and sometimes all it takes is a good football match or rain to ruin it. I guess, if they are not buying you can find out where they are from and what they are looking for.

  7. hey Fab,
    did you do the whole cheesecake with ricotta?
    sometimes cheesecakes do split though when they cook a little too much, but sometimes they just split. that's how cheesecakes are.
    i think mine did split aswell but the ganache covered it. good to hear it tasted good.

  8. Don't take it to heart, I've heard similar comments about Rose St Market, you should be proud your skills were recognised and you were successful in getting a stall, I don't have kids or know many people with kids but I can see your stock would work well at Northside :)

  9. Thanks for your comments everyone.
    Cathie, I used half ricotta, half cream cheese, and I took the ring off the cake mold while it was still warm - hence it relaxing too much!


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