18 January 2010

Cooties Defined....

Definition of a cootie:

The metaphysical manifestation of the fear of social backlash resulting from association with the opposite sex during childhood.

In short, the other sex has them, you can get them, and you do not want them.

(Josh is seen with Katie.)
Boys: Eww, Josh has cooties!

Margaret from Konstant Kaos sent me a link that shows the anatomy of a cootie and to be honest I think this fits in with  most peoples perception of what a cootie is. But I thought I'd do a quick search to see what other cooties were out there in creative land.


• Igotcooties is a shop on Etsy, and here is her version -  Ewww Cooties

computer cooties
comic cooties
• board game cooties

• cootie beads
jewellery cooties

To me, now that I have kids, cooties will always be little children, and they will always be cute, cuddly, loving and in need of my clothes!

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  1. these are all very nice and beautiful and cute i like them all thanks for sharing this with us..


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