19 May 2011

My Creative space - Booch Swap

This week has seen me thinking a lot about brooches and has had me trawling through the net looking at all sorts of brooches out there.

I've joined Flower Press in her brooch swap, though the only brooches I've ever made where when I was making silver and gold jewellery, so it's taken a while to get my head around making one of of my current hobby of fabric and wool.

After hours of think time, visualising different approaches and discounting most of them as either too hard, too juvenile, or too easy, I have made a couple that are visually striking and that I hope are wearable for an adult woman, one will be for my swap partner and the other will be used as a present during the year for a special lady.

I have used scrap pieces of fabric that I have been collecting this past year, and although simple, I  like the striking contrast between the white cotton and red felt.
The back is a simple blanket stitched pouch filled slightly to give it a more 3D effect.

All I have to do now, I buy some brooch clasps and post!

There are more lovely creative spaces for you to view here - it's a new site too

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so creative!