04 May 2011

Caravan gets the once over

I went to the block again the other day with the intention of going for a walk with the kids.
I also wanted to give the caravan a bit of a clean just in case it needed it....


As you can see the floors were filthy with baked on dust and mud - euwww!

After some hard core cleaning and some wishing that we had power and I had a vacuum,  I finally was able to see the floor again.

Some tlc, lots of bleach and elbow grease and finally i feel comfortable in letting the kids enter and sit down.

Doh... have to sew the cushions now!

And then some curtains.

There were a few gems to be found and although I won't use them for cooking, these pots are really cute

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  1. Is there room for cute, non-functional saucepans in a caravan? Hey, you'll find room!


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