08 March 2011

A strange summer makes for a confused garden

This summer has been quite a strange one in Australia due to La Niña effect, massive floods in many parts of Eastern Australia, with the sun and hot temperatures not eventuating.

The vegie patch doesn't quite know what to make of it, and although the tomato plants have produced beautiful tomatoes, they sit on the vine, green, without the power to turn into lovely red delicious globes.

Our japanese pumpkin vine stretches along the ground and twists itself along some twine up to the shed, and although it has lovely yellow flowers, nothing is budding.

I am at a loss and think that I will have to find a great recipe for making something with green tomatoes in it (preferably not fried!)

I hope that Autumn this year is as expected and then the rest of the year follows its usual course, weather wise.

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