24 March 2011

My creative space - Curtain call

I've been wanting to put curtains up in the lounge room for a while, but have not done anything about it... until now.

The time has come for me to make curtains.

I went along to Spotlight and quickly ran out when I saw the prices on pleated curtains. I then made my way to Rathdown Remnants and fell in lust with a double sided curtain fabric.  As you can see, it has a beige floral thing happening on one side with cafe / laté stripes on the reverse. The stripes will be visible from the outside.

It is an interesting project as I have never made them before, however, how hard can they be?

Well, the answer is - they can be quite hard if you buy a fabric with a pattern on it and you want the pattern to match up on the curtain once it's hanging!.....

It has been joined, finished and the pencil pleat strip stitched and now they need to be hung for a couple of days before I hem them (on advice from the lady at RR).

I am pretty nervous, having never made curtains and then having chosen a fabric with so much happening on it. I just hope they look good!!!!!

Oh, and now that my creative space is nice and tidy, I am managing to make some other things that have been on the to do list, like this small shoulder purse :) 
 The original one was looking a bit tired and abused

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  1. what cute fabric for your little shoulder bag! Hope the curtains turn out how you want them .. i just lined some for my mother in law and they are rather cumbersome to work with to say the least!

  2. I love the hues of the curtains... And if they are not "perfect" they'll anyway be 100 % made by you!


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