12 March 2011

Owl at our window

This morning as I was going about my usual Saturday routine, I noticed a fluffy visitor out my kitchen window.

It's one of the owls that lives in a nearby tree filled walking track.
I have posted about them before.

I had thought they had gone, as I hadn't seen them since the storms earlier this year when the nest and little babies fell out of the tree.

Seeing this little one is a welcome surprise, and I am glad they have survived.

He / she is so close I could almost stretch out my hand and touch him through the window, and I resist the urge to find a mouse for him to eat!


  1. He is adorable..so ugly cute! I read your post on the pumpkins and tomatoes not ripening. We have had the same with our passionfruit..big fruit because of all the water but none ripening..just not enough warmth and sunshine..last year was a bumper crop..this year barely anything.

  2. Amazing! What a pleasure has to be to meet free nature so near home.


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