16 March 2011

My creative space - Big cleanup

Ohhh, my poor neglected creative space!
Lately it has been used as a holding spot for the "to do later" stuff, but as our lives are busy busy, the pile just grew and grew!
And every time I walked past it I would try to blur the edges of my vision so I wouldn't notice it begging for my attention...

Today, as the children are both out for the day, I decided to give my creative space some loving and change things around while I was at it.

I have had the rolls of wraping paper and contact and drawing paper in an upright box next to my table, but I decided to pack it all away and slide it under.


And after quite a while.... ahhhhhh, space to create and make :)

Happy at last.

Here are other possibly more productive spaces to visit

Ohh, and before I go, did you see the post about the owl that came to visit over the weekend?

It roosted in the tree all day and then left at night fall. Was great to have him spend the day with us.


  1. A big clean up.
    That´s what our studio needs too!
    It seems it´s getting smaller and smaller :-)

  2. Looks much better! You must be pleased with your efforts :)
    I photographed my "creative space" yesterday - but I'm not game to blog about it till I've cleaned it up! lol

    Nice visitor you had there in the tree :)

  3. wow it looks great! And shifting furniture always helps bring fresh ideas I've found. You've inspired me Fab! My space is the family 'dumping ground' :0

  4. Cleaning up is equal to inner peace : ) Well done, and enjoy.


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