17 June 2010

Splutter, cough and brrrrr

I'm feeling a bit splat and bleagh...

I'm at home rugged up but still cold....

I've got a warm cup of tea a good book and an old jumper....

So, I decided to felt the jumper and make some wrist warmers, to keep me warm when I pick the kids up from care

I got some GREAT tips from laughing purple goldfish designs here and went about punishing my jumper with the required abandon and ferocity, then chucked it into the dryer on HOT

I decorated the wrist warmers with spring in mind, so they remind me that the sun will come back. 

Am feeling better now, cosy, warm arms and wrists, and can get back to that book....


  1. they are very cool Fab!
    hope you feel sunny soon ♥

  2. Your wrist warmers are so cute! How creative indeed and re-use an old jumper! Happy creating, hope you feel better.


so creative!