25 June 2010

Taking a walk through the 50's

Last night, I was looking through Google images for some beautiful pictures of dresses.

I don't know why really, as I might wear a dress once a year, but I really do love looking at them, and I can imagine myself in them in my fantasy life (in reality it's mostly jeans and a t-shirt!)

So here are a few beautiful pictures that sent me to bed with a smile on  my face, and the creative juices topped up.

In keeping with the interest in the 50's that is slowly developing and growing, I looked predominantly at 50's women.

They mostly seemed to be grouped into housewife, starlet and pin up.

I would love to dress up like this for a dinner party!

This one is my favourite!

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  1. What a fantastic collection of images. I also love the look of the fifties. It's so classic.


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