07 October 2010

My creative space: Caravan Heaven

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I while  back we were gifted with a caravan. My lovely cousin used to be the owner and she kept it near Bright where it was a base for her snow getaways. She has decided to live in London and will no longer be needing it. So it is now ours to love and travel with!!

It currently has this as it's home:

 It looks like this:

And this is the fabric I will use to make new curtains!!

I have decided to theme it up and make it bright. 60's - 70's inspired. 

We have plans to bring it muuuch closer to our home and holiday at the beach.

All she really needs now (apart from some major redecorating!!)
.... is a name....

Beryl perhaps?


  1. If you can't have bright fabric curtains in a caravan, where can you!

  2. I'm voting for Gladys. Like my grandmother.Or Elsie, like my other grandmother!

  3. Oh...what a special 'gift' you have there!
    I'm very excited for you ... I have always wanted a special caravan 'to do up'!
    I'm sure you will give her the love she needs!

  4. Clara, Bessie or Nellie? I like Lola too! Why limit myself to just girls names though? Bert, Dave, Thomas or George? Have fun!

  5. Ohh, I love Lola!!!.... I think I'll get the kids to decide which one they like picking the names above. Thanks girls!

  6. You won the custom-made button giveaway on Muffins and more!
    Could you please send me an email to ulli-xox[at]web[dot]de so I have an email-address of yours ...
    Have a lovely day
    Ms Muffin

  7. They really look like 70's caravan curtains. I think you could call her gypsy. Cherrie


so creative!