01 July 2010

My Creative Space 1 July 2010

Bucket, toilet plunger, boiling water and a woolen jumper..... 

and LOTS of elbow grease...

I'm felting jumpers again!
I made a decision to keep the red jumper, as it looked so nice on! and went back to the opp shop to purchase another one.

I have not been happy with the felting results of my first arm warmers, the felting process had started to happen, but there was still a lot of elasticity in the wool, so I had another go at it.

Here are the results of felting jumpers using the bucket and toilet plunger. The left side of the image is the plunger effect, and the right side of the image is the machine and dryer effect in the original arm warmers. As you can see the plunger works a treat at felting the wool.

However, it hasn't worked so well on the green jumper, which makes me think that the wool had been treated somehow. In any case, it has felted to an extent, and I will cut and sew to suit.

Both arms are ready for embellishments and adjustments and by this afternoon, will be ready to warm arms - one for me and one for my mum.

And here are the finished items!

I used vintage buttons that have been in my moms stash for years.
I'm happy with them, although the red and white buttons one doesn't actually look so hot in the photo.


  1. I came over thinking you were cleaning or something - this is much more fun! Looks like a good start to the process - great idea for this chilly Melbourne weather. Lou.

  2. WOW it does seem like a lot of effort goes in to felting. Looking forward to seeing the finished pieces.

  3. I too have tried felting in the washing machine and nothing seems to come out really felted. Maybe I'll try your technique with the plunger. I guess it could actually be a really good way to work out frustration too! x

  4. What a great concept! I am sure it takes a lot of the ooomphh out of the felting process! I'll have to give it a shot on my husbands slippers.


  5. You look like a woman on a mission with that plunger and bucket. Can't wait to see the end results.

  6. At first glance, I thought you were having a plumbing issue...hee hee
    Thank goodness, it's a craft issue instead!

  7. i love what you're doing!! i love felting..

  8. you totally freaked me out... i thought you were clearing a blocked toilet! LOL I love felting but I've never thought of using a plunger. great idea.
    My Creative Space

  9. the felting process sounds like fun. i'd love to have a go. the arm warmers look very snuggly

  10. Thanks for your lovely comments and for signing up for my giveaway - good luck! If only I could sew! I am following your blog too. Have a great weekend!

  11. Hi thanks for entering the giveaway. Good luck! If only I could sew. I have just joined your blog. have a great weekend :-)))

  12. Never thought of using a plunger - well done:) The arm warmers look great

  13. Hmmm, I've found felting wool sucessfully is a tricky one - the results when you use recalimed knits are always mixed (I used to make nappy covers from them). But it's fun and interesting, and will certainly keep you warm :)

  14. I had never thought of doing the bucket and plunger , I will give it ago as I don't have a dryer and it is a pain asking family to let me use theirs.
    Thanks for sharing


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