08 July 2010

My Creative Space 8 July 2010

I was thinking that I had not done anything creative in the past few days and therefore had nothing to contribute this week to Kootoyoo's great Thursday online show and tell, and now that it's 10.40pm, i realise that my creativity has been directed into organising a party for my nearly 3 year old big girl, and designing a party invitation for her.

She is at the age where everything has a fairy reference to it, and as far as she's concerned girls are fairies and boys are Ben 10!

Now onto the outfit....


  1. Thanks for dropping by to check out my blog a few weeks ago. Your daughter as a fairy is very cute...I hope the birthday party is fantastic, have fun :-)

  2. Oh that is very clever! Well done & have a great party soon!

  3. Oh that is so sweet! I bet your daughter loves it :)


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