12 November 2009

Marvel Pants and Shorts

I went shopping with my ankle biters and found myself in Spotlight - as you do - and my eldest pointed excitedly to a fabric that I had passed by and asked it I could by it and make him some pants. With such enthusiasm, how could I refuse, and when the fabric turned out to be Marvel superhero design, well, that was even better! Last time one of my children asked me to buy some fabric, it was a cream fabric with pink giraffe's on it. Really not a pretty one, but she's really happy with the dress I made for her...

Anyway, I made the superhero pants for my little super boy and he's been wearing them with joy and proudly showing them off to anyone who notices.

So we went to the family do, and my cousins daughter who is 11 asked to get some shorts made from the same fabric, and here is the result. Now to see if they fit.....

On another note, The Thornbury Women's Market is on in December, so take a look at the link :)

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