09 December 2009

Love chunks at Christmas

Today I spent most of the day in the kitchen, after having gone shopping for supplies with Eva.
I wanted to say thank you to the carers in my children's lives and what better way than to give them home made sweeties. I got the idea to make bite size Christmas cakes from Kim a friend from mothers group - it's such a simple recipe and so appealing to the eye. It took no time at all to create them.

Just add orange juice to an existing fruit cake -
I used an apricot fruit cake.
Add enought to make slightly moist
and roll into balls.
I used the tiny patty pans,
then decorated with white chocolate
and sprinkles.

Then to the task of making honey comb for the fourth time!
and I finally got it right, after reading loads of recipes and methods, and after making a couple of toffee
like batches, hit the jackpot with this batch.
Coated in dark cholocate,
they have become little love chunks.

Melt in the mouth and impossible to resist (which is why they are out of reach at the moment!)

Finished product! Viola!


  1. Oh that looks incredibly yum! *wants some now* Must try my hand at making these too!

  2. this is test comment from little cooties to see if it works for me

  3. thanks Fab for leaving a sweet message. it was great to meet you as well last week & great to get to know you a little better.
    now, let's see if the comment works...fingers crossed.


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